Origins by Artist


The neck warmers ORIGINS by Artist were born from the desire to give carte blanche to artists on the Iconic model of PAG. Each year one or more artists give birth to a new unique series of ORIGINS neck warmers. They are of course made with hyper-breathable and thermoregulating 37.5 Technology materials, and will provide you with all the necessary comfort.

This product complies with the anti-covid filtration standards for category 2 barrier masks (AFNOR), 2 in 1 protection against cold and covid-19

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37.5 Technology

Dynamic thermoregulation that triggers off of humidity

Ultra breathable

Removes sweat in the vapor stage before liquid sweat forms


Helps you maintain a comfortable personal micro-climate

Does not freeze

Quick humidity draining prevents the fiber from freezing even in extreme cold

Water repellent

Water repellent treatment HEIQ ECO-DRY


  • 86% Polyester (37.5, Cocona) / 14% Spandex

Additional Info:

  • Interior fleece lining, exterior printed lycra
  • Protection from cold, wind, snow, rain and UV