Niels Schack X Louise Porche


This high fashion balaclava is unique, it was born from the common desire of Niels Schack and Louise Porche to collaborate on their respective worlds (painting and sewing). They created this balaclava together to match their styles and desires. Together they created this balaclava to match their styles and desires.

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  • Pocket: 100% Cotton canvas / acrylic paint
  • Etiquette: 100% Silk / Special Paint
  • Balaclava: 50% woollen cloth (blue and grey tartan) / 50% Kashmir

Additional Info:

  • Reversible balaclava
  • 1 tartan side 100% woollen cloth.
  • 1 100% cashmere side with hand-painted and hand-stitched silk label.
  • Hand-painted pouch by Niels Schack.
  • Hand-painted silk etiquette by Niels Schack and Louise Porche.
  • Balaclava made by Louise Porche. Single size S/M