By Bouyart

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Designed in collaboration with the artist Bouyart.

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  • Material: Fleece 37.5 Technology (60% polyester: 37.5 cocona / 33% polyester, 7% spandex)
  • Waterproof / breathable: Water repellent exterior and fleece interior with 37.5
  • Technical characteristics: Ultra breathable, never freezes thanks to 37.5 technology
  • Protection against cold, wind and UV
  • Light and comfortable
  • Unisex

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The original PAG neck warmer, the first model created by grandmother Daviet. It has seen many improvements but its original design remains the same with its sharp front end taking the bandanna bandits codes, it is now the basic product and essential of the range. Ultra breathable and anti freeze. The essential of the winter for all sports enthusiasts.

Also exist for kids (PITCHOUN)


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