Hooded Street

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  • Material: Fleece 37.5 Technology (60% polyester, 40% polyester: 37.5 cocona)
  • Waterproof / breathable: ultra breathable, wicks away moisture and never freezes thanks to 37.5 technology.
  • technical feature: Retractable hood for both mountains and street
  • Protection against cold, wind and UV light
  • Multifunction (neck warmer and retractable hood)
  • Tightening system
  • Ultra comfortable and functional
  • Unisex

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The big brother of the HOODED it was created to be the product bridge between winter sports and the city. With its retractable hood and polar lanyard it combines protection against the cold and innovative cut even futuristic. Drawing on our streetwear in uences, this product has been designed to be the perfect compromise, using all the technical features of a balaclava and a mountain choker by adopting a cut and a modern and trendy design: clearly the balaclava the most innovative on the market.


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