Hooded Pope

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  • Material: Fleece 37.5 Technology (100% polyester: 37.5 cocona)
  • Waterproof / breathable: ultra breathable, wicks away moisture and never freezes thanks to 37.5 technology.
  • technical feature: Retractable hood for both mountains and street
  • Protection against cold, wind and UV light
  • Tightening system
  • Ultra comfortable and functional
  • Unisex

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The most innovative product of the PAG range, literally “the hood of the pope” it sports the codes of the mosette with a dose of modernization and technicality. Worn under the jacket it will not leave any chance to the wind to come cool, worn on the jacket it will bring you a minimalist and committed style that will leave no one indifferent. Its unique design makes it the most innovative product on the market whether in streetwear or in the mountains.


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