About the brand


PAG neckwear is a family story.

A family of passionate riders led by a talented seamstress: our grandmother aka “La Chinoise”

The brand is naturally born of a need that was essential to answer. At the age of 16, I was every day possible on my board with my brother, my friends whatever the conditions. Good times of sharing in the mountains to ride from morning to the night with the band. My only problem: the coldness in the neck created by speed and powder.

One day, as I watched my grandmother sew, I simply asked her to gather a few scraps of fabric to make a neck warmer.


From these falls came a prototype that we progressed little by little and became the first PAG. Subsequently, during a trip to the United States with my brother, we found inspirations and we added graphics of the moment to make the products more aesthetic. Our friends Ben Thomas-Javid, Victor De Le Rue, Golden Garcia Leal, Paul Obermosser and others quickly joined the product and bandit style. This is how the PAG crew was formed, supplied in France and by granny. From that moment on, the crew never stopped riding, technically evolving the products and sharing them.

With the development of the brand, the family is growing, Grandma is now supported by Louise Porche a fashion designer. The “made in France” artisanal production has been professionalized by a partnership with a French clothing factory. On the other hand, one thing has not changed: the crew still rides as much!

Today, it is with the same spirit of family and passion that the adventure PAG develops, keeping the will to make technical and aesthetic products of French quality.





PAG Neckwear is born from the passion for mountain riding, to promote the performance of mountain sports, to protect against the cold and the sun its users and to bring an unequaled technicality to essential accessories!

Thought by riders for riders!

PAG NECKWEAR products will always be developed and rehearsed for high altitude sports, and that will never change!


Passionate about urban fashion and streetwear PAG NECKWEAR wants to bring its technical expertise and expertise in cold protection while paying the greatest attention to detail and style to offer the first technical accessories used by professional athletes as well as passionate about streetwear fashion!

To be more innovative and to display the most fashionable cuts on the market PAG NECKWEAR has teamed up with a young fashion designer Louise Porche.



Our textile accessories bearing the mountain pictogram have been developed to have the best technical characteristics to provide maximum comfort in mountain environment.


Our textile accessories bearing the run / trail pictogram have been developed to bring maximum comfort to runners and trail runners, they are products without fleece.


Our textile accessories bearing the street pictogram have been developed with the same technical characteristics as the mountain products, with a design and innovations to make them perfectly adapted to streetwear culture.